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Islamic finance sector is growing worldwide and the demand for skilled professionals is increasing. Unfortunately, there are no enough Islamic finance professionals, especially in emerging markets, to meet the pace of sectorial growth. We therefore launched these educational programs and courses to help create the needed skilled-professionals for the sector. These programs will help create efficiency of existing workforce while building up human capital capabilities within the sector.

Launched in 2005, the courses are accredited by the largest and leading independence accreditation organization in UK. The qualifications are the most well-recognized and beneficial Islamic finance certification among Islamic Financial Institutions, designed by leading industry scholars and practitioners.

Islamic finance is a non-faith-based, and it will be of immense help regardless of your faith, profession, a recent graduate, student, or a person interested in moral and ethical financial dealings to take these qualifications and discover new perspective of finance.

These courses and programs provide you with very good knowledge and understanding that prepare you well to join the corporate world. They are also an ideal for those already in the corporate sectors with experience but lack paper qualifications.


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We do the mantle of Certified in Islamic Banker (CIB),  Islamic Finance Expert (CIFE),  Master Diploma in IF(MDIF),  MBA in Islamic Banking and  PhD in Islamic Finance


With the significant expertise drawn from our international network of skilled professionals, we have helped more than 3000 students get into the Islamic Banking sector.

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