About Us

About Us

GIIBIC’ is a leading independent organization dedicated solely in promoting and organizing programs of education, training, research, and publication.  GIIBIC provides investment services in Islamic banking, and finance. We works alongside numerous organizations, leading experts, and multi-faith groups. 

GIIBIC Vision -

GIIBIC vission is to be a regional leader in provision of knowledge and consultant service in Islamic banking .

GIIBIC Mission

GIIBIC is to conduct professional growth capabilities programs, and to provide consultancy services in Islamic banking and finance


GIIBIC goals are to:.

a. strengthen workforce, and create efficiency within the Islamic banking sector..

b. provide need-assessment capacity development programs in Islamic banking sector..

c. act as a regional authoritative body for consultation and advisory services for Islamic banking sector..

d. pursue genuine industry – related research in Islamic banking.

e. demonstrate appropriate analytical and problem-solving techniques focus on Islamic banking

Islamic banking and finance courses

Islamic banking and finance courses

We offer the best Islamic banking and finance online courses

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