PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance

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PhD Islamic Finance

Research-Based PhD In Islamic Banking And Finance Distance Learning Program

Overview of PhD in Islamic Finance:

Islamic finance is an expanding field of study with more opportunities than ever.  The PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance is intended to give students an in-depth understanding of Islamic finance and the ability to conduct original research in the field. The program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to critically analyze and evaluate Islamic financial institutions’ theories, concepts, and practices.

Across the world, AIMS’ PhD in Islamic finance is an excellent choice for professionals who want to earn higher wages or gain employment with a renowned Islamic finance firm. Our graduates understand the ethical and social implications of Islamic banking and finance, so they are able to contribute to the development and advancement of the Islamic finance sector.

Our graduates are currently working to promote evidence-based practices, and they have demonstrated themselves to be the next generation of scholars. The research-based PhD Islamic finance program is available part-time or full-time, and you may research across a wide range of areas in Islamic

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA of PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance

To Enroll in PhD in Islamic Finance program,

  1. First, applicants must hold Masters/MBA in Islamic Finance OR Masters degree in other discipline along with recognized Islamic finance education.
  2. Second, applicants must have minimum five years work experience in Banking/Finance/Business/Commerce industry as a Professional OR Lecturer OR Researcher.
  3. Third, applicants must have good working knowledge of English.

Islamic Finance PhD at a Glance

Mode of Study Research-based and Self-paced learning.
Study Requirements Prepare your dissertation, which is supervised by AIMS’ PhD Faculty.
Average Duration of Completion 2 year.
Registration Validity 3 years.
PhD Self-Study Requirements 10-12 hours per week.
Credit Hours 12.
UK Qualification Equivalency Level-8.
Degree Awarded PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance.

How to Achieve Your PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance ?

The program offers self-paced learning, and it may be completed in 2 years. You are required to work 10-12 hours a week. Prospective students will need to do their research and find the right fit for their academic and career goals.

How to study PhD program

Steps for Completion

  • Step-1: Admission Approval & Registration:

Firstly, you must email us a scanned copy of your master’s degree and your resume. If your master’s degree major was not Islamic finance, you must also provide proof of a formal qualification in Islamic finance. If you do not have a formal qualification, the Certified Islamic Finance Expert (CIFE is the best Islamic finance certification course offered online) may fulfill the PhD prerequisite requirements. You may register and pay online if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Admission processing time is 4-5 working days.

  • Step-2: Approval of PhD Dissertation Title:

    Prior to proposing your research topic for the phd thesis in Islamic banking and finance, make sure that your research area fits your career goals, style, and experience. You have the opportunity to achieve this by engaging in conversations with our program representatives. The PhD Committee will review it, and when approved, you may begin your dissertation.

  • Step-3: Writing the Ph.D. Dissertation:

    Utilize your skills and potential to create a research proposal with assistance from our academic support team. During your studies, you will receive guidance from the faculty and support from the Ph.D. Committee. Emails and WhatsApp are among the means of communication that we offer.

  • Step-4: Evaluation and Doctorate Award:

After completing the dissertation, it will undergo evaluation by the academic support team and the PhD committee. The defense can be conducted online or in person within the United Kingdom. Those who pass will be awarded a doctoral degree in Islamic Banking and Finance.


AIMS is a formally acknowledged institution accredited by CPD and registered with the UKRLP in the United Kingdom. The online Doctorate program in Islamic Banking and Finance provided by AIMS complies with the directives specified by the Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) for Level-8 Ph.D. Degree, as well as adhering to the Shariah Standards established by AAOIFI.

Research Preference and Scholarship:

AIMS caters to a wide variety of students, and you may find a research topic that matches your personal preferences and interest. Since AIMS offers fee scholarships, the costs associated with getting an education are minimal and may be suitable for your financial situation and preferences.

How to Choose a Ph.D. Islamic Economics and Finance Research Topic?

When selecting a topic for your doctoral research in Islamic economics and finance, it is important to consider the following crucial factors:

KNOWLEDGE: PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance

Before embarking on an Islamic finance PhD, it is crucial to possess adequate knowledge and/or experience in the field of Islamic banking finance.

PERSONAL INTEREST: PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance

The second is to pick something that interests you. You’ll spend a couple of years researching this subject, so it is important to avoid becoming bored or uninterested in your own research.

RELEVANCE: PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance

The third is to pick something relevant to your interest and experience. You don’t want to get caught up in obscure or esoteric research that doesn’t further the field.

What are the Career Prospects After the PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance ?

The program will open up career opportunities in the wider finance sector. With the support of our highly qualified academic support team, you can achieve your goals within the timeframe of the program. There are many different types of jobs available, and some examples include:

  • Islamic Finance Scholar who conducts research and teaches at universities.
  • Policymakers who develop and implement policies related to Islamic finance.
  • Head of Islamic Bank who holds a leadership position at the Islamic financial institution.
  • Consultant who advises clients on Islamic banking and finance issues.
  • Corporate Lawyer who specializes in banking, finance, and insurance.

What do You need To Know About PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance?

Unlike a conventional Ph.D. program, a PhD in Islamic Banking and finance is a research-based program that prepares students to become experts in the field. The program is designed for those who want to enter the field of Islamic finance as a scholar. The primary objective of all students is to secure a well-compensated position within the industry upon completion of their studies, commonly as a Head of Islamic Bank, Researcher, or Professor. The Islamic finance PhD program has a slightly shorter length than conventional Ph.D. programs, and it may be completed in 2 years (or less with some exceptions).

Why is Getting a PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance Worth it?

The doctorate degree will allow you to shape the future of the industry. This is an opportunity to research, question, and challenge the existing norms and assumptions of the field. The program gives you the time and space to explore your passions and push the boundaries of the Islamic banking and finance industry.

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