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Post Graduate Diploma in Halal Industry


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Post Graduate Diploma in Halal Industry

The Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) course is prepared by leading industry experts with several years of experience to help the Muslim-Ummah to understand halal industry science and produce human capital for the halal market The course are prepared based on the based on Quran and a-Hadith interpretations by the Maliki, Hambali, Shafie and Hanafi sets.

In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Halal (lawful) is clear and Haram (prohibited) is clear; in between these two are certain things which are suspect or shubha. Many people may not know. Whether those items are Halal or Haram (but) who so ever leaves them, is. Innocent towards his religion and his conscience. Anyone who gets involved in any of these suspected items may fall into the unlawful and prohibited.”(Muslim)

 The Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) course will cover all variety of topics about what are shuba in halal industry. It will cover topics like what are halal (permissible), and ha-ram (unlawful), the concept of Halal, halal market, product development, Muslims consumers and how halal is important to them, halal training and certification procedures

Who should take the Program?

The course is meant for all people, and for professionals, of Muslims and non-Muslims who are already in the halal industry, or those who want to specialize in Halal Industry as their career. It is also appropriate for those who are already in Halal industries but will like to know in-depth about halal and improve their existing halal production. In addition, scholars of sharia and students are highly recommended to take this courses to better understand halal industry development and better convey the same to Muslim-Ummah in their dawah and knowledge dissemination.

Course Duration:

The duration is 9 months

Modules: There are 4 modules and 8 courses of The Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)

 Module I (Basics of Halal Concept)

PGD-HI: 401: Concept of Halal

  • Concept of Halal in Islam? Why Halal Food?
  • The rationale for the prohibition of Haram foods in Islam?
  • Prohibition of Eating Dead Animals and wisdom behind it.
  • Prohibition of Flowing Blood
  • Animal Slaughtered on other than the name of Allah.
  • Prohibition of Pork, Intoxicants, Drugs, Meat and Poultry’s
  • Prohibition of Milk, Eggs, Plants and vegetables

PGD-HI: 402: General Guidelines for Halal Food

  • General Guidelines & Principles:
  • Lawful Food
  • Animal Origin food
  • Food of Plant Origin
  • Rulings on Beverages, Land Animals and Aqua Food
  • Rulings on Amphibians and Birds
  • Concept of makrooh? And what is the difference between makrooh and haram?

Module II (Halal Food Production)

PGD-HI: 403: Role of Food Ingredient

  • What is Food? Role of food ingredients in Halal food production?
  • What is E Code? Detailed deprecation of all E Codes? How we can judge through E codes that product is Halal or Haram?
  • Halal Production Requirement in Different Industries.
  • Meat, Sea Food, Dairy and Poultry Industry.
  • Confectionery, Bakery & Nutrition
  • Medicine, Cosmetic and Health Care.

PGD-HI: 404: Halal Slaughtering

  • Rules of Halal Slaughtering
  • Commercial Halal Slaughter –Science and Religion
  • Requirement of Slaughtering in the Islamic Manner
  • Conditions for Halal Slaughtering
  • Slaughtering Tool
  • Who Should Slaughter
  • Commercial Halal Slaughter –Science and Religion
  • Performa of Halal Slaughtering Application and Producers of getting Halal Certification?
  • Halal Concept in Non-Food Items

Module III (Halal Market & Its Prospects)

PGD-HI: 405: Prospective of Halal Industry Worldwide

  • Market Size and major Market Development for Halal Industry
  • Global Halal Market
  • Major Market development
  • Increasing Global Competition

PGD-HI: 406: Halal Banking and Finance

  • Basic principles of Islamic Finance.
  • Difference between conventional financing and Islamic financing
  • Mechanism of Islamic Financial Products
  • Development in Islamic Finance
  • How does Islamic Finance facilitate Halal Industry?

 Module IV (Halal Standardization, Laws and Certification)

 PGD-HI: 407: Halal Standardization

  • Overview and Principle of Halal Quality Management System
  • Halal Certification Producers and Standardization
  • Procedure of Compliance Audit and Audit Flow Chart
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), HACCP, ISO 22000
  • A Glimpse on Local and International Halal Standards
  • Halal Auditing Procedures, Halal Monitoring, Traceability & Verification

PGD-HI: 408: Prospective of Halal Industry in Developed Areas

  • Emerging Halal Sub-Services Sectors
  • Logistics
  • Travel
  • Tourism
  • Increasing Demand of Diversity Products
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Halal Industry
  • Importance of Halal Food in Modern Era

Admission Requirement: Post graduate Diploma in Halal Industry

We operate on open enrollment program, so you can apply anytime and be admitted to pursue the course of your choice. Application into this program requires a good working knowledge of English language. However it is preferable that you are a graduate with a bachelor degree from a recognized university, and preferable be at least 18 years old at the time of submitting your application. This is preference and not requirement.

For those who do not have degree, we will consider other equivalent alternatives such as employment history in a corporate sector for at least 3 years. You should apply by completing the online application form below, as a first step to be considered for admission.

Study Method: Post Graduate Diploma in Halal Industry

All our courses are studied on distance learning model. Study materials are kept on online virtual learning environment (VLE). Students can choose to have material through email. Student will have enrollment username and password to login and download materials, and study on their own comfort and their own pace, and convenience. Each course has to be completed within the time allocated to it.

Each course material study has an assignment to do, and upload onto the VLE before your move on to the next course, till all courses on under each module is completed.

You can study the course anywhere in the world, since the study does not requires you to attend any classroom lecturers.

Assessment & Examination: Post graduate Diploma in Halal Industry

The course is studied by submitting assignments to each course. Students work are checked throughout the study period by the assigned tutor. Assignment needs to be concise and carry clear understanding of course material, demonstrating students understand of subject matter. At moment there is no final examination set for each course, students are evaluated base on the assignments that they submit for each course. The assessment to these assignment are review internally and students award is based on successful completing the course, and demonstrating clear understanding of subject matter

Study Support: Post Graduate Diploma in Halal Industry

Once you enrolled you will have access to our support team to help you study, including referencing, academic assignment and reading. You will be assigned to an Academic Personal Tutors who will support you for the duration of your course and help you with personal and academic development. Your tutor will provide you with clarifications and give you assessment on the assignments you submit, though your registered email.

Your tutor will regularly review your progress against the milestones that will be set by the Institute. Whilst the concept of distance-learning is to allow you to proceed at your own pace, it is necessary to indicate milestones so that you are aware of the amount of work that is involved in the course. Past experience has shown that students who are left to complete their studies without set timescales are unlikely to complete at all.


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