Certified Islamic fund manager

About this Course:-
Islamic Takaful is the alternative form of conventional Insurance, structured under Islamic commercial law. During the last few years a lot of successful efforts have been made which led to the establishing Islamic Insurance (Takaful) as the alternative to conventional Insurance. Takaful operate on the principles of Islamic commercial law. The next decades to come will see Takaful taking the market share of conventional insurance. The principles work in a way that policy holders in Takaful are known as participants and they get shares from the surplus of their contribution, or revenue generated from investing their surplus premium. This principle is based on Islamic commercial contract of Mudarabah-Ijarah hybrid. This need to be studied, and promoted to the necessary level for apart from protecting individuals, families, and companies against catastrophic disaster, it also provide piety, and brotherhood, while quaranteeing self-sustaining economy


Who should take the course?

The course is meant for all people, and specifically those who want to specialize in Islamic Insurance as their career. It is also appropriate for those who are already in Insurance, and Banking industries but will like to know about the basics of Islamic Insurance operations

Islamic Fund and asset managers
Bankers and finance professionals
Stock brokers
Academics and students
Takaful or Insurance professionals
Scholars of Shari’ah
And those interested to work in Islamic finance


Duration and Module:-

The duration of this course is 6 months, and made up of 4 modules as below:

Module 1: Insurance

Module 2: Framework of Takaful

Module 3: Takaful Business

Module 4: Regulations, Supervision , and Governance of Takaful



Study method and support: Please click here for method of study and tutor support details


Course Syllabus: Please click here for course syllabus

Course Fees: The fee £210 or its equivalent in Ghana Cedi. The fee includes registration, study materials, and tutor support.



We accept payment in Ghanaian equivalent of the British Pound, at our office, through online payment using credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. Note that you can only make payment after we have received your application, and accepted your admission. with student number. Payment has to be done in reference to the student admission number

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